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Help needed

i got this email from my friend, not edited by me:

So I guess I can share my recent relationship crisis on this blog… I admit am a lot confused, so your replies would go a long way helping out. I av been in this relationship (ex- relationship) for about 4 years and its been perfect with little or no hooks. Although Akin loves me like crazy, kk, LOVED me like crazy, we still had those tiny couple fights and acclimimatized the next minutes. Everyone agreed we were perfect together. We had lots of mutual friends and had the most lasting relationship amongst others. We always showed off our “love” publicly; kissing almost every quarter mile when we strolled. I could bet with my life I was only woman in his life. Our love was just one of those “fairytailish” kind you see in the movies and everything was perfect! He even proposed to me (highly romantic I must confess). Wedding arrangements in place, families already familiar… Now I guess you already understand the picture here.  This faithful day, we went out for one of our usual dinners and I was all over him, talking about general stuffs, how my day went, teasing and making jokes! He just sat in his seat staring at me and smiling! definately wandering away and probably wasn’t even listening to me at all. I knew something was wrong. I thought it was just one of his bad days and everything would be fine soon, but I guess I was wrong. I had to figure it out myself (now this lead to my doom), I probably should not have tried figuring out anything. My first point of trespass was his phone. I got d shock of life when I saw a message sent to Bode, telling him how they could not continue their relationship and how he wanted to be dedicated to only me. I then knew that he had been cheating all along and was smart enough to store his Mistress name as Bode (a guy’s name). I was so furious I asked if he had another girl in his life and he swore he did not. It was hard to believe so thought  of a new point of attack, this time it was his email. Here, there were more messages from this same Bode person , now the messages where worse with the supposed “Bode” threating that pictures of time together was going to be sent to me. Now the worse part of my story, sample of the pictures were sent to Akin’s mail and his Mistress was actually BODE, a guy! not a LADY. Same Bode, Akins bestman for our wedding! They were kissing and naked! I fainted and woke up d next minute! Tears rolled down my eyes! My husband to be is gay! I have not told any one yet! Am too ashamed of myself! He really has no other woman except me, but he has another man! I dont get it. Should I call off d wedding? He is not aware I know about it at the moment!


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Brief intro

Brief intro

Hi world, my name is Lase Ayoola . There’s alot going on in the world today, lets visit this experiences and share our thoughts. Welcome to my blog




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