16 Jun


Harry and I have been dating for a while now, most of our conversations are mostly done over the phone. We talk about our daily activities, our lives, and general stuffs. Fondness kept growing. He was abroad doing his Post Graduates while I was here in Nigeria completing my NYSC program. During my NYSC year, I was elected as the President of my group. The project carried out by my group during my tenor provoked honorary awards from the Governor of Lagos state who invited my group members for lunch in appreciation. We were also shown on the national news that period for about a week continiously.

Harry was so excited at my achievements, he was proud of me and promised to give me a gift. He contacted his best friend Femi (in our daily conversations we often spoke about Femi, but I hadn’t seen him before) to present me with the gift. So that afternoon, Femi called me and asked for my address to present the gift on behalf of Harry. Later that evening there was a knock on my door. Low and behold, the prettiest thing in the world was at my door. It was Femi, he was tall, dark and handsome. An extremely different picture from what I had imagined. He had really cute kissable pink lips, piercing eyeballs and the most amazing smile ever. Immediately I saw him, my heart started beating really fast. I stared at him for almost a minute, he just smiled back at me and said “hi Tolu”. I knew I had embarrassed myself, and the formerly active and composed Tolu started muttering words. I couldn’t even make a complete sentence. I found it so hard to construct the phrase “come in”. that was embarrassing. I just left him standing at the door and couldn’t invite him in. It was LOVE AT FIRST SITE (I am usually not a fan of love at first site, I didn’t even believe its existence but now I have a different view). After he left my house that day, I haven’t stopped thinking about him. I have started drifting away from Harry, I don’t even know if Femi remembers I exist. But I am all over Femi and i think i love him … what should I do?


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Posted by on June 16, 2012 in Relationships


One response to “HIM: now his BEST FRIEND

  1. Ivie Karen

    June 17, 2012 at 7:20 pm

    tolu dearie, i think you should remain focused on harry. you probably think you like femi because he is really cute, you donot even know anything about him yet. donot destroy your beautiful relationship with harry jst for mere looks, and remember they are friends………


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