Will Your Relationship Last? Send Your Answers To Find Out

28 Jun

Question 1: Do you share a similar and healthy communication style?
Yes. We communicate without too much trouble and listen to each other.
No. We have a hard time understanding each other and sometimes resort to yelling to get our points across.

Question 2: Do you have similar values and goals in life?
No. We have different plans and different outlooks on our futures.
Yes. We have similar ideals and really want to make our lives work for each other.

Question 3: Is your relationship supported by your close family and friends?
Yes. Our families and friends both approve of and appreciate our relationship.
No. Our families and close friends don’t get along and don’t think that we should be dating.

Question 4: Are you both financially stable?
Yes. We are both employed and are able to support ourselves.
No. One or both of us is jobless and as a result money is a large portion of the stresses in life.

Question 5: Is there a large difference in age between the two of you?
No. Our age difference is less than 5 years.
Yes. There is an age difference of at least 5 years.

Question 6: Do you think you’re in love?
Yes. Our love and our bond is stronger than anything either of us has experienced in the past.
No. We aren’t in love yet or aren’t sure that we ever may be.

Question 7: Are you really honest with each other?
Mostly. I hide something once in a while
All the time. There are no secrets
We always try to impress each other

Question 8: Are you competitive with your partner?
We like to spice it up with some playful fights
No, we never compete about anything

Question 9: Do you like each other’s friends?
Yes. I love hanging out with them
No, I can’t stand most of them
We get along. Nothing to write home about

Question 10: Do you do things together?
Yes, the are things we like to do together
We rarely do things together

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