Boko Haram: The Blood Of The Saints Shall Be Avenged By God

12 Jul

Just yesterday Boko Haram issued a formal statement about the killings in Jos and said, inter alia, the following-

”We thank Almighty God for our successful attack against the christians of Plateau state, the security agencies and members of the National Assembly. Christians should accept islam or they will never have peace……we do not have any agenda other than wanting to establish an islamic kingdom like during the time of Prophet Mohammed”- BOKO HARAM.

”Who are these uncircumcised Phillistines that have chosen to defy the armies of the Living God?
The threats, impudence and sheer arrogance of these heartless beasts hold no fear for me. And the intrigues and deceit of those who covertly support and encourage them hold no sway.

We cannot all be intimidated into a gutless cowering silence. They shall not pass and neither shall they prevail for the Lord is with us.

The more blood they shed the more our faith in God is strengthened. The more people they kill the firmer our resolve to resist them. The more they terrorise our nation the deeper our conviction to fight them into the ground and forcefully engage them in every realm known to man.

Christian fury is a terrible thing. We are slow to anger but irresistable in battle. The blood of the saints shall be avenged by the Living God.

The God of David, Gideon, Joshua, Jehu, Moses and Jeptha is still alive today and He is a consumming fire. His name is Yeshua and He is the Lord God of Hosts. He is irresistable in battle, He is a ”Man of War” and He guards His own jealously. I repeat, they shall not pass and neither shall they prevail”.


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