‘No trace of violence in my dad’s car’

19 Jul
Alhaji Rasak Gawat

Alhaji Rasak Gawat
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Jubril, the son of the missing popular Nigerian Television Authority presenter, Alhaji Rasak Gawat, has said there is no trace in his father’s vehicle suggesting that he might have been harmed before he got missing.

Jubril said, “His car was untouched as at the time we got to the office of the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency. It was locked with remote control. We had to use the extra key but that could only open the ignition.

“Later, we called a panel beater who opened it. Just like the body of the car was neat, the interior was also neat. There was no trace of scuffle or violence.”

Jubril, who spoke with reporters on Tuesday, said the state of his father’s car when it was found penultimate Wednesday, had reinforced his belief that Gawat is alive.

“I believe my dad is still alive. I still cannot believe this is happening to him. If I was to predict 1,000 things that could happen to him this year, this will never make the list,” he said.

He was among the people that searched his father’s Toyota’s 4RUNNER Sport Utility Vehicle at the LASTMA’s office when the family was alerted that the agency’s officials found it abandoned on Eko Bridge around 11.45pm penultimate Tuesday.

Jubril, who urged Nigerians to pray for the safe return of his father, said a special prayer would be held at Alausa Secretariat Mosque, Ikeja on Thursday (today).

Meanwhile, the Mufti, Conference of Islamic Organisations, Sheikh Dhikrullahi Shafi’I, has urged security agents to double their efforts in resolving the mystery surrounding the disappearance.

He said, “His role is special especially among the Muslim faithful. We rarely find someone who fits into his shoes. He is like a bridge-builder among the various sects of Muslim in the South-West.

His E ji Sari dawn programme during Ramadan attracted Muslims and non-Muslims who are rewarded with expensive gifts when they answered questions asked during the pr ogramme.”

Gawat, who was last seen penultimate Tuesday, was declared missing by the Lagos State Police Command penultimate Wednesday.

Governor Babatunde Fashola had promised that whoever has information that could lead to his whereabouts would be rewarded.

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