Olympics record broken as U.S routs Nigeria in basketball game

03 Aug

The United States on Thursday night knocked off Nigeria’s D’Tigers 156-73, in the highest scoring basketball game in Olympic history.
It was a game in which Olympic scoring records were broken across the board, reports NBA Circle.
Carmelo Anthony scored 37, surpassing the US record of 31 by Stephon Marbury, on 10/12 from three point land, also a US record, in just 14 minutes.
The US shot 29/46 from 3 (a record) & 30/37 from inside the arc on 41 assists (tying the Olympic record). The 156 US points surpassed the Olympic record of 138 by Brazil and the 83 point differential is a US Olympic record.
The final score of 156 points is the U.S highest winning scoring while 83 point differential is a U.S Olympic record.
The sensational win featured 37 points from Carmelo Anthony for a U.S Olympic individual scoring high.
No fewer than 12,000 spectators gathered on Thursday to watch the keen Group A basketball game between both sides at the Olympic basketball arena in London.
The game was another dismal outing for Nigeria’s D’Tigers, two days after their defeat by Lithuania.
The USA-Nigeria game ended ‎​49-25 in the first quarter and was 78-42 at half-time.
The third quarter ended ‎​119-62 in favour of U.S, with Nigeria showing no sign of improving.
The game ended U.S 156 Nigeria 73, with many going away disappointed at Nigeria’s poor outing so far.

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One response to “Olympics record broken as U.S routs Nigeria in basketball game

  1. phemmcszy

    August 3, 2012 at 9:30 am

    ow do u xpet d’tiger 2win wen im nt on d team.dey refused 2take me on board…i kno d tactics 2defeat d us team…lolz….. ma questions is ‘were d nigerian players n coach hoping 2 defeat d us team… mayb until wen ma son is on d nigerian team… dese guys r worlds best players,only kobe n lebron sef go beat naija team… smh d d’tigers..let dem consult me


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