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“The Lost Chapter” collection by Heat Couture

“Heat Couture, a Nigerian based fashion label announces the launch of its collection ‘The Lost Chapters’. A tape-to-Measure, premium tailored traditional wear for one of a kind fit for men who are dedicated on reaching a Luxury lifestyle in traditional wear with urban feel. The line caters for professional leaders and people who wants to make a stylish statement in the fashion world. 

  Our products are usually made from high-quality, expensive fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable seam stresses, often using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques. Each piece is  made specifically for the wearer’s measurements and body stance with the balance between designing, fit, style, and relevance are focused on for the out come of a distinct traditional wear.
  The clothing Line was inspired by the incessant failure of local tailors to come up with properly designed/sewn traditional wear and also, the designers love for the business of designing, making, and selling highly fashionable, usually custom-made clothing.”
Contact Info:
Heat Couture,
No 3, abdulahii street,
Akoka, Yaba, lagos.
Phone no:
08187750987, 07055067831
BB Pin:
27AFA8D4, 22725588
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DJ Sanjay – BEST ascending deejay


Cleeko Vol 3.jpg

DJ Sanjeezy is the best at ascending hits of similar tempo in accordance. There is no need to go to the club as DJ Sanjeezy brings the party right 2 YOU.. When a goat steps back in a fight, it usually comes back with power. Here is the Volume III of Cleeko, more mixtapes from Dj Sanjeezy should come your way soon.

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Beautiful girl dies after having sex with Alhaji and his monkey

Cynthia, as we gathered, was picked up by an Alhaji, and after they had fun, he took her to his guest house, and gave her $2000 to suck and sleep with his monkey. She refused at first but after looking at the money again, she concurred.

After the ordeal the alhaji went to drop her and drove off and few hours later she started complaining of stomach ache, she thought it was a normal thing, but from the few things we gathered from the source, fews hours later, maggots started coming out from her private parts; her friend tried to rush her to the hospital but it was too late.She died before they could do anything.

‘It is true the poverty level of the country is driving everyone mad, but Nigerian ladies need to be careful with some extremities in their search for a means of livelihood’.

So much information wasn’t released concerning the lady, and it’s very understandable judging by the circumstances surrounding her death. Prayer is for her to find rest, even in death


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I befriended animals when I was growing up because my parents were too busy –Nse Etimhen

Nse Etim

Nse Etim
| credits:

Nollywood actress, Nse Etim, speaks with ADEMOLA OLONILUA about her career and sundry matters

My hairstyle

I don’t wear dreadlocks, it is just my natural hair that you are seeing. I twist it and loose it when I choose to. I do not fix a weave-on because it is artificial. I carry my hair most of the time, except when I have to attach something else to it. If I am playing a role in a home video film, I wear another hairstyle. I am an easy-going person, though I am inclined to lose my temper sometimes. My bark is worse than my bite and I am a simple person.

Life after graduation

After graduating from the University of Calabar, I worked with a radio station and a television station. I did a bit of film acting before getting a job in a bank.

Why I quit banking

I don’t think I remember the year I quit banking. But when I decided it was not longer what I wanted to do I had to leave. I was doing the same thing everyday. I was not passionate about it and I think if you want to earn a living, you should be passionate about what you do.

How I became an actress

A movie producer, Emem Isong, brought a script to me and asked me to read it. Initially I wasn’t enthusiastic about it, but she insisted and I eventually did it. I decided to start a career as an actress after I took part in the movie titled, Guilty Pleasures. That was my turning point. I owe this to movie fans. They made me who I am today.

My parents’ reaction

When I decided to be an actress, I was old enough to choose for myself. But my mother only hoped it would work. Now she is my greatest fan. When I say I was rebellious, I mean that I was assertive as a child. I knew what you wanted and went for it. That is how I was brought up:  to know what I want. My mum did not think it was right. So I left acting and went into banking. When I got out, I said to her: now that I have  done your wish, let me do mine.

Most challenging movie

Honestly I haven’t found any movie that I’d describe as most challenging for me. Also, no role has been insurmountable to me.


I am an ardent fan of Nollywood. I think it is still developing. We are trying our best to keep it alive, considering the fact that we work under difficult conditions. We hope it will get better some day.

Challenges facing Nollywood

The greatest challenge is, perhaps, the environment. There are no good roads and there is irregular power supply. Basically, we are suffering in order to put smiles on the faces of the people. In terms of infrastructure, I think we are doing our best, too. We are struggling to succeed in spite of the odds.

Why I lived with my godmother

Since my parents were very busy when I was much younger, I had to live with my godmother. My mother was still in school and my father had a busy work schedule at the time. But my godmother was not too busy for me. We were quite close. Apart from the neighbour’s son who was my friend, the other friends I had were animals. That was how I grew up. I never felt lonely all that while.

Growing up in the North

I grew up in the North. Life was beautiful then. Kaduna had lovely hotels where we used to go and swim. Zaria was peaceful and the residents were friendly. Jos had the best yoghurt in the country at that time. As a child, I loved to take yoghurt. Today, I doubt if you could find any that is as tasteful as what we used to buy in those days. Now you have to go all the way to a big store to buy bread. And then, everything in the North just changed.

The crisis in the North

It is just heart breaking. I think Nigeria is passing through a phase. Some people have said that for the land to be cleansed, blood will have to be shed. I think that is selfish. I do not want my blood to be shed. This is not the way to solve problems. It is painful that we resort to violence to get things done in this country. I hope that the problems in the North will be solved soon.

My most embarrassing moment

My most embarrassing moment is the day fell off an airplane. I did not remove my glasses and everything went misty. I fell down when I was descending the staircase. The worst part was that I had to struggle to get up on my feet.

My relationships

I am not involved in a relationship. I don’t think that everybody needs a companion. Lonely people ought to keep themselves occupied with work or they would be bored to death. When I don’t have any work to do, I read books to keep my mind busy. If I don’t have any book to read, I watch a movie or get busy in the kitchen.

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15-Year-Old Girl Snatches Mum’s boyfriend, Elopes with him after Getting Pregnant


A woman has been left nursing her love wounds after being DUMPED by her boyfriend who later ELOPED with her 15-year-old daughter, who surprisingly is still in secondary school!

The girl (name supplied) perhaps as an indelible signature that she had clandestinely subjugated the ‘whopper’ is now four months pregnant. The incident of the alleged charmer boy-cum-domestic worker Patrick who was absolutely driving nuts both his girlfriend and her daughter with his s*xual gymnastics left residents within the area tongue tied.

It is reported that the cradle snatching started last year when she was reportedly seduced by her ‘step father’ until she succumbed to seduction during his regular visits at their house for a sleep over. It is alleged that the bed had been apparently going cold between Patrick and the girl’s mother when he reportedly shifted his pesky desires to her daughter.

In a bid to hoodwink the teenager to adult game, the man reportedly started buying the girl some chocolates, recharge cards and various presents behind her mother’s back. According to a report, the two who were now an item, reportedly started hitting off at the local motels frequented by sex workers and local area boys. The man allegedly continues playing the bedroom game with the girl until she fell pregnant.

After the teenager’s belly became big with the man’s seed, the former who seemed to know the consequences of her actions did not tell her mother. She planned to elope with the man at the centre of the controversy. The matter eventually came to light after the mother of the teenager caught the wind of the two’s romance and called her daughter for interrogation after which she found out about her pregnancy.

After being quizzed about the father of the pregnancy, she said she would never divulge the name of the ‘culprit’. However Patrick, who was closely following the proceedings interjected and BOASTFULLY told his former girlfriend that he was the one who impregnated the girl. Failing to stomach the unbelievable news that her own teenage daughter had snatched her ‘sexual banana’, the woman went and reported the matter to the police, leading to Patricks’s arrest.

He was brought before magistrate and charged with having s*xual intercourse with a minor. He was not asked to plead and was remanded out of custody until the August.


Source: nigerianewupdate

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Happy Birthday 50 Cent — Today, July 6, You’re 37 Years Old

50 Cent Birthday

We wish the rap star a very happy birthday!

50 Cent, you really know how to get our bodies moving with hits like “In Da Club” and “Candy Shop”. We hope this year brings you great success in your career and you continue to make more club hits we love! We hope you have a fantastic day and go “sip Bacardi like it’s your birthday”!

Happy birthday, 50 Cent! Your Gemini Moon makes you feel at home in the world of words, encouraging your sensitive Cancer Sun to express itself to the hilt. Although raised in a world of hard knocks, the cosmos want you to share what you’ve learned through your experiences and transform your world for the better. This year, the stars are pressuring you for a commitment in love; they don’t give two cents about your past, unfortunately, so when you don’t feel coddled, rest assured that you’ll have plenty of rich material to rap about.


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What do you think about these ladies? Sexy??

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